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Valentine Surgery

Valentine Surgery
Title Text
Valentines Bus
Bus Crash
Goddess of Love
Love Cat
End Room
End Room
End Room

"Can you save Valentines Day?"

The Valentines Bus has crashed! Can you save Cupid, the Goddess of Love & the Valentines Cat?

✧ Three Surgeries
Complete three completely different Surgeries inside the Cupid, the Goddess of Love and the Valentines Cat! Can you figure out how to solve each of their problems? Sometimes it might requires searching, othertimes fighting will lead you to success!

✧ Cutscenes
To tell the small story of this map, we added several Cutscenes! This brings the characters in this map really to life!

✧ Custom Models
To generally improve the aesthetics of the world, we decided to add quite a variety of models! Wether it be Hearts, Funiture or much more - our custom models make the world look much nicer!

✧ Interesting Puzzles & Bossfight
To complete your tasks in this map, the surgeries, you need to solve a variety of puzzles (and perhaps you will even encounter a boss?)!

It may seem like this requires Multiplayer, but this map also works in Singleplayer!

If you play this in Multiplayer, you can find the Resource Pack included in the world as!


Map by McTsts, marhjo, federick90, Ds43m, TheHammerOfSteel, MrKukurykpl, TTEXTT, kradziejpyr, rafakado & kehaan


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