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The Graveyard

The Graveyard
Graveyard City
Graveyard City

"Survive the Night!"

In The Graveyard you beat waves of enemies, while trying to survive the Night!

✧ Summary
- Solo or Coop PVE Game
- Between 2h & 3h playtime (~4h if you complete the story, the bonus levels and the secrets)
- 7 different classes (e.g: Archer, Tank, Pyro, Tamer, ...)
- Upgrade System
- Main Goal: Survive a night on the graveyard with unique Mobs & vanilla Mobs
- 20 Waves in the Night
- 8 more Levels after the night ends
- A lot of 1.8 Features
- Find Items for the Villagers
- Defeat the undead king and his minions
- Optional beacons for lower difficulty
- Two NPC Town
- Stop the Ender Priest
- Highscore System
- Doesn't use commandblock clocks to reduce lag
- Solve puzzles in the puzzle dungeon
- Make your way through the ocean monument
- Increasing Difficulty
- Potions, weapons, armors and shields
- Custom Sword Abilities ( Poison / Blood Curse / Night Vision )
- Guide Book to explain mobs
- 'Ghost' Mobs
- Tutorial
- 5 Bonus Levels ( Fight against Player Zombies / Skeletons & more )
- Areas that open after some time ( Upgrade Area / Ocean Monument / Cave / Forge )
- Many custom Mobs (e.g.: King, Summoner, Ghosts, Knights, Ender Priest, ...)

✧ Stages
This map is based on Waves
Each waves ends after 30 minutes (in game)
The map starts at 8:00 PM and Ends at 10:00 AM
At 6:00 AM the night ends.
8:00 As the moon rises, the undead rise, too
8:30 Not only undead rise, but other evil creatures like giant spiders rise, too
9:00 Slowly, more and more, undead rise
9:30 At first the Undead may seem weak, but the later it gets, the stronger they are
10:00 Even if you kill the undead, they will just come back
10:30 The dead bodies of witches are rising
11:00 Not only just the corpses, but also Bones come back to life
11:30 Even Ocean Monsters can survive here
0:00 The remains of pigs are starting to rise
0:30 It's past midnight, but that's still not the end
1:00 It's late and the undead are ready to kill you
1:30 The graves in the cave are now revealed
2:00 Evil creatures are leaving the cave now
2:30 The graveyard is now filled with creatures
3:00 More Undead rise, as the moon starts to go down
3:30 All remaining Creatures will start rising soon
4:00 Even Elder Sea Creatures rise now
4:30 The night is getting at it's end, but your life might be at it's end, too
5:00 The sun will rise soon, but the most powerful creatures are rising now
5:30 At the end of the night the most powerful, of all undead, rises
6:00 Find TNT for the TNT-Merchant
6:30 Jump fast enough in the Clocktower
7:00 Find the hidden button in the Ocean Monument
7:30 Solve ten puzzles in the puzzle dungeon
8:00 Defeat the undead king
8:30 Search for the missing potions
9:00 Fight the evil Ender Priest
9:30 ???
10:00 The map ends at 10:00

Bonus Levels:
10:00 Player Zombies
10:30 Summoner Challenge
12:00 King's Challenge
12:30 Sewer
1:00 Jumper Challenge


Map by McTsts & VaterX2


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