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The Crafting Cube

The Crafting Cube
The Crafting Cube
The Crafting Cube
The Crafting Cube
The Crafting Cube

"Race against time and resources!"

Race against your friends in this fast-paced crafting game to be the first to craft the goal item, using resources you mine, craft, and gather in your 16x16x16 chunk.

✧ Variety
Features 50+ items to craft, with varying difficulties. You can choose which item, or set it to random! 50+ unique chunks are generated based on the item chosen.

✧ Challenging
Be the first person to craft the item to win 100 points. Everyone else who crafts it after you will get less points, depending on how soon they craft it. The round ends 30 seconds after the first person crafts the item. Choose how many rounds per game in the lobby.

✧ Soundtracks
This map contains 5+ custom soundtracks made by our brilliant team member Squarewave to make the game more hectic and pleasing!


Map by Chopper2112, BlendedSpider, Federick90, Squarewave, Marhjo, McTsts, RaptorMocha, ChumbleWeasel, BigNinjaChicken


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