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"Catch the Snitch!"

Your goal is to catch the snitch, because you are the seeker (you are Harry). The other 13 players are armorstands with custom AIs. The Quidditch match in this map is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, in Year 1.

This was part of an abandoned map called Harr Potter in Minecraft, because its abandoned I decided to release some parts (that I made) of it as minigames. Many map makers worked on Harry Potter in Minecraft, but all the redstone found in this minigame was created by me.

- 13 Custom AIs for Quidditch Players
- Working brooms
- Working Snitch
- Working Bludgers
- Working Quaffle
- Point System
- Hogwarts
- Quidditch Pitch

How To Play:
Your goal is to catch the snitch. You can do that by flying around and looking around and following it when you find it. You should also try to not get hit by bludgers because that hurts you. You control the direction you move in with W, A, S & D. By looking up and down you can move your broom up and down. Looking straight keeps it in the air. And looking straight up or down moves you very fast in that direction. Selection the first hotbar slot moves your with normal speed, selecting slot 2 or higher makes you faster (depending on the slot), but that also makes it harder to control the broom. Slot 1 is advised for most of the time.

More info on the abandoned HP recreation here!


Map by McTsts, EnderPig & HP in MC Team

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