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Minigame Advent Calendar

Minigame Advent Calendar
Christmas Attack
Present Clicker
Snowman Spleef
Present Hunt
Snowman Building
Freezing Falls
Snowball Throwing
Lucky Presents
Christmas Parkour
Crystal Adventure
Ice Melted
Winter vs. Nether
Fallen Star
Present Factory
Ice Rowing
Advent Quiz
Winter Differences
Snowfall Typos
Igloo Crawler
Lost Snowman
Ice Spike Climb
Fallen Presents

"24 Days - 24 Minigames!"

The Minigame Advent Calendar features 24 different minigames! Can you complete them all?


Map by McTsts, NemPlayer, EnderPig, infinitydrago, booty156156, CheckMiner, MrKukurykpl, Stalkative, AFluffyGriffin, marhjo & kradziejpyr; Logo by TTEXTT


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