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Heart Rush

Heart Rush
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Literally just a tree, *or is it?*

"Rush Enemies, Steal Hearts!"

Steal hearts from your enemies, upgrade your gear, defend your base, select three skills, choose your own playstyle and more!

✧ Stealing Hearts:
In this map your goal is to steal all hearts from the enemy teams! The amount of hearts each team starts with can be adjusted in the lobby with ease. Now, the big question is: How do you steal hearts from the enemy teams? It's not that hard actually! Walk across the bridges to the enemy base, and jump into the hole there... And, just like that, one of their hearts will be yours!

✧ Defensive Manoeuvres:
Now, this map isn't just all about attacking; Defense can play quite a major role here as well. While trying to steal hearts from your enemies, you should also always keep your eyes on your own base, lest any enemy steals a heart from you, before you can steal theirs. What if that's not enough? Don't worry. You can also build walls and other defensive structures around your base, to protect it from enemy attacks. Combining defense and offense into one playstyle, works exceptionally well if each team consists out of two players!

✧ Buying Items:
On the bottom part of your screen, where the xp bar can usually be found, is a number that is constantly increasing. That number represents the amount of gold you have. You also gain gold, by killing enemies, achieving high killstreaks, or stealing hearts from an enemy. Gold can be used to buy items or upgrade your gear! Different items have different purposes: Void Charms and Orbs of Resurrection can save you from certain death, while the Creeper Charge does the exact opposite, you die but cause a devastating explosion! Can you find the best combinations of items and skills?

✧ Upgrading Equipment:
In this map you can find custom upgrading trees for your weapons and armor to make them fit your playing style; For example: fast but weak, slow but high knockback and more! Upgrade your equipment in the shop to be one step ahead of your enemies! When choosing an upgrade path, also be aware of the amount of enemies. Slow knockback weapons can crush a single player, but might be rather hard to use against a higher amount of enemies.

✧ Selecting Skills:
Your items and equipment, however, aren't the only thing supporting you on your journey to defeat your enemies. There is one more, critical element in this map that has a significant impact on fights: Skills. Each player can choose 3 out of 21 different skills, that can be mixed and matched to fit team play and your play style, and each gives you their specific extra-abilities. They can be activated on kills, death or when you take damage! You can choose to strengthen your allies, or perhaps you'd rather have a ton of health? We have skills for every situation and playstyle! Agility-based skills? Yes. Skills for Archery? We got that covered. Tons of fireballs? I'm not sure why you would want that, but yes, we have that! With more than 8 thousand possible combinations, skills give you a chance to change the playstyle to what you want. Can you find the combination that fits you best? You can switch skills in the lobby, or while in-game via the shop. Skills have once before appeared in one of our previous maps, Capture Kings, this time we did bring a couple of fan-favorites back, but stocked up the skill menu with a whole bunch of new and crazy skills.

✧ Choosing Arena:
Heart Rush also features quite a few different arenas. Each arena is unique in its own way and gives way to lots of playstyles. Additionally, each map also features a special event, that happens every now and then.

✧ Lives & Locked:
If the game has gone on for a decent amount of time, and too many hearts have been stolen, the map will switch to Locked Mode. In Locked Mode instead of stealing hearts, they'll simply will be removed from your enemy. However, you won't get them. Also, every time a heart is stolen you'll have a break for around 7 seconds, which you can use to browse the shop, upgrade your gear or switch skills.

✧ Several Modes:
This map also has several modes now. For example you can play with all skills selected at once, or change the amount of gold you get and more!



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