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Hole in the Floor

Hole in the Floor
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"PvP with Fishing Rods"

Hole in the Floor (aka Fl_or) is not just like any other PvP map! In this map you can only die by falling through the hole in the middle of the map!

✧ Special PvP Mechanics
Hole in the Floor uses a completely different PvP system than any other PvP map. Your only weapon in this map is a fishing rod (and powerups of course), you can punch and drag other players with your fishing rod to make them fall through the hole, which is in the middle of every battlefield. If that happens they'll lose a life. You also have a "lifetime" bar which slowly decreases over time. If you run out of lifetime you will also die, but you can easily regain lifetime, by jumping over the hole!

✧ Multiple Modes & Options
In Floor there are also multiple modes, you can decide whether you want to play the normal one, or perhaps you'd rather play the incredibly difficult Hardcore Mode? Or maybe you grow tired of simply fighting against other players and want to throw a Wither into the mix with Wither Mode? You can also changes things like lives, powerups and lifetime! With the gamemodes and options in Floor you can change the game to be exactly like you want it to be!

✧ Tons of Powerups
To spice up the gameplay even more Floor features a great variety of custom powerups. There are several tiers of powerups with increasing rarity and power! All the powerups are unique and sometimes can even be combined with each other for a even better result! Powerups spawn in the middle of the map, just above the hole in the floor and make it very tempting to jump over the hole (even when not considering lifetime), so you can both use the powerups for.. well powerups, but also as an opportunity to drag other players into the hole!

✧ Custom Models & Textures
This map also uses a resource pack to make the powerups, among other things, look much nicer! In this map you can find both custom textures & models and even custom tutorial animations!

✧ Many Battlefields
The many battlefields in this map further server to make sure it doesn't get boring quickly. Not only is each battlefield different, but all of them also hide a secret! Can you find all the secrets to get a hidden reward?


Map by McTsts, Ds43m, TheHammerOfSteel, marhjo, infinitydrago, Avii_, MrKukurykpl, GFLGaming, kradziejpyr, TTEXTT, Appul, EnderPig & Flaxcon


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