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Escape: Theatre

Escape Theatre

"Todays play is called... Death!"

You just want to enjoy a quite evening, but then you get stuck in a theatre play. Can you escape?

✧ Several Areas
Solve puzzles in a variety of places! At first you're struggling with even getting into the Theatre and later you'll try to escape again!

✧ Unique Puzzles
In this map you need to solve a variety of fire, pushing, forest & theatre themed puzzles to escape.

✧ Custom Textures & Models
Like all other escape maps, the Theatre Escape also heavily uses a resource pack for custom textures, sounds and models.

✧ 3 Acts
In this map you are in a theatre play. Can you make it through the 3 different acts?

This map is one of the Escape Maps!


Map by McTsts & kehaan


This map was made for Crainer!