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Escape: Sky

Escape Sky

"The Sky's Not the Limit!"

✧ Several Areas
Solve puzzles in the sky, but first you even need to get there! Each area has its own design and different puzzles!
✧ Unique Puzzles
In this map you need to solve a variety of sky, color and pushing themed puzzles to escape. Additionally this also tests your cooking skills, so try not to burn anything down!
✧ Custom Textures & Models
Like all other escape maps, the Sky Escape also heavily uses a resource pack for both custom textures and models.
✧ Colored Light
In this map you'll discover the magic of colored light and you'll need to work with it to proceed!

This map is one of the Escape Maps!


Map by McTsts, Ds43m, MrKukurykpl & kehaan


This map was made for Crainer!