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Chickwing's Lair

Chickwing's Lair
Final Corridor
Storage Room
Lava Corridor

"Just another normal day, just another normal chicken. Or is it?"

You are on your home from a successful mining trip, and what do you see? A chicken, a small innocent chicken, or so you thought. Chickwing is after you, and he will do anything in his power to stop you. Will you escape with your life still intact, or will you fall like all the previous subjects?

✧ Intriguing Story
After a peaceful day of mining, and about to head home, you meet a small and seemingly innocent chicken. The chicken, also known as Chickwing decided that you should be his new test subject. What does he need you for, and what is his evil endgame plan? None of his former test subjects made it out intact, will you?

✧ Mind Boggling Puzzles
In this map, you will be put into puzzles that might look simple from the outside, but in reality are way more in-depth than you had first thought. Crushing walls, Laser sharks, Lava pits, and stain cleaning? That is just a handful of the things you will fight your way through while escaping Chickwing’s wrath.

✧ Interesting Antagonist
Have you ever tried to fight an evil chicken? This might be your first then. While travelling through the seemingly endless corridors in Chickwing’s lair you might even find clues that hint at what Chickwing is actually using his subject for.


Map by marhjo, MrKukurykpl, Misode, McTsts, Veriti, Federick90, 59_, Chopper2112 & TTEXTT; Logo by Ds & tomhelduf


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