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25³ Buttons III

25³ Buttons III
Wood Theme
Cave Theme
Desert Theme
Ocean Theme
Jungle Theme
Nether Theme
Jungle Temple Theme
Nether Fortress Theme
Snow Theme
Mesa Theme
Plains Theme
End Theme
Purpur Theme
End Room

"Solve more than 50 puzzles!"

In this map your goal is to finish a level, in many cases this is by finding a button or obtaining a button some way, but many rooms also require you to craft or use items. There are many different puzzles. Is it in your head?

- 25 Levels
- 25 Secret Levels
- Other even more secret levels
- Secrets
- Tons of different puzzles
- Many different themes for the rooms
- Special mechanics
- Craftable Items

This map was made for the 25³ Challenge!


Map by McTsts, EnderPig & NemPlayer


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