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Superheroes in One Command


"Be a Superhero!"

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? This command offers eight different superhero abilities all in one!

✧ Night Crawler's Rift Opener: Create magical rifts that teleport you in the direction you're looking at
✧ Ghost Rider's Fire Body: Summon fiery bombs from your body to burn your adversaries
✧ Professor X's Mind Control: Mind control the nearest player (multiplayer only)
✧ Hyperion's X-ray: Make nearby entities visible through walls
✧ Superman's Flight: Fly around and hover
✧ Thor's Lightning: Summon powerful lightning strikes around you
✧ Hulk's Slam: Jump into the air and create a devastating slam once you return to the ground
✧ Pyro's Fireball: Shoot destructive fireballs at your enemies


Command by federick & McTsts