Updated Map: Capture Kings - Vertex Creations

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Capture Kings

Updated Map: Capture Kings

Capture Kings has gotten another fun update balancing the existing features, adding new skills and more.

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Capture Kings 1.3.0 Changelog

- Nerfed Conqueror: Now 3 times faster than normal (Previously 4)

- Buffed Junker: Now 2 items, 1 Crystal + 1 Other Item (Previously 1); Decreases gold gain

- Buffed Armor A: Lvl 4 - Projectile Protection III; Lvl 5 - Blast Protection III; Lvl 7 - Projectile & Blast Protection IV (Previously unenchanted)

- Removed Recycling

- Remove Persistence

- Buffed Murder Spree: Lasts 5 seconds (Previously 4)

- Buffed Vampirism: +5 Heart (Previously 3); Capped at 10 hearts

- Changed Medic: Lowered Range to 6 (Previously 10), Buffed Regeneration Speed, Fixed Heart Particles

- Added Shadow Step

- Added Steady Ground (Resistance & Knockback Resistance when standing still; Faster Shield Regen)

- Nerfed Shields: Now have a cooldown

- Added Crow Lobby Minigame

- Added a win room secret

- Nerfed Survivalist: Now increases respawn delay

- Buffed Patron: Now affects yourself

- Added K/D into end game stats

- Added Speed pads to Transit

- Added Low Graphics mode

- Nerfed Explosive Arrow: Cooldown now takes 0.5 seconds longer

- Random Arena Option

- Nerfed Leadership: Now 7.5 range (previously 10)


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