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How to Download maps!

There"s a download button at the bottom of every map page, when you click that you will need to wait for a short time to skip the advertisement and then you can download the world from mediafire. Put it in your worlds folder or upload it to a server to play it.

How to get the Resource Pack of the map!

The resource pack of each map is included in the world download itself. In vanilla singleplayer it will automatically load once you join the world. For multiplayer just use the archive, that is included in the world as a resourcepack! By taking the from the world you can also send it to everyone else who requires it or they can download the world themselves and take the resource pack directly from the world.

All Maps

Escape: ChristmasIs it still Christmas?
Minecraft 1.12.22 PlayersEscape: Christmas
Simple HockeyIce Hockey in Minecraft!
Minecraft 1.13.22+ PlayersSimple Hockey
LinesRun on lines and knock your enemies out!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersLines
WindmillPlay now!
Minecraft 1.13.22 PlayersWindmill
Chickwing's LairAnother day, another chicken.
Minecraft 1.13.21 PlayerChickwing's Lair
Heart RushRush Enemies & Steal Hearts!
Minecraft 1.13.22+ PlayersHeart Rush
Spot ItCan you Spot the Difference?
Minecraft 1.13.22 PlayersSpot It
The Crafting CubeRace against time and resources!
Minecraft 1.13.21-12 PlayersThe Crafting Cube
DreadnoughtBattleship in Minecraft!
Minecraft 1.13.22+ PlayersDreadnought
Escape: AztecThe Finale of the Escape Series!
Minecraft 1.12.22 PlayersEscape: Aztec
Escape: BossEscape from various bosses!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Boss
Capture KingsFight & Capture!
Minecraft 1.13.22+ PlayersCapture Kings
Escape: ZeldaEscape from a familiar dimension!
Minecraft 1.12.2 1+ PlayersEscape: Zelda
Escape: BrokenDive into the Escape Map Creation Process!
Minecraft 1.12.22 PlayersEscape: Broken
Escape: TheatreTodays play is called... Death!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersEscape: Theatre
SuperheroesBe a Superhero!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersSuperheroes
PortalsWooo!! 9 Portals?!
Minecraft 1.12.22 PlayersPortals
Escape: LabThe first of the escape maps!
Minecraft 1.12.22 PlayersEscape: Lab
Escape: MinesWhat's this odd portal? Oh no...
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Mines
Escape: OceanDiscover a new world under your feet!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Ocean
Escape: SkySky's Not the Limit!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Sky
Escape: ErrorA broken map has never been so fun!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Error
Sky ControlControl the Skies!
Minecraft 1.13.22+ PlayersSky Control
Escape: WitchStolen Pie!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersEscape: Witch
Escape: EndThis must be the end!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersEscape: End
Escape: NetherKehaan drags you to hell - Escape!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersEscape: Nether
River RampageDefuse Bombs & Survive!
Minecraft 1.131+ PlayersRiver Rampage
Hole in the FloorPvP with Fishing Rods!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersHole in the Floor
Valentine SurgeryCan you save Valentines Day?
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersValentine Surgery
Star DustPvP with XP-Fueld Flight!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersStar Dust
Snowfall ArcadeArcade Minigames!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersSnowfall Arcade
GlarthfordThere are many stories to be told!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersGlarthford
Mirage WarsFight & Destroy & Eliminate!
Minecraft 1.12.22+ PlayersMirage Wars
Mirage Tower DefensePlace Towers & Defeat Enemies!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersMirage Tower Defense
Swift SprintersRandomly Generated Runner!
Minecraft 1.11.21 PlayerSwift Sprinters
Warthford Anniversary EditionSave the Anniversary Festival!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersWarthford Anniversary Edition
Minigame Advent Calendar24 Days - 24 Minigames
Minecraft 1.111+ PlayersMinigame Advent Calendar
White Pumpkin BossfightDefeat the White Pumpkin!
Minecraft 1.11.21+ PlayersWhite Pumpkin Bossfight
25³ Buttons IIISolve more than 50 puzzles!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ Players25³ Buttons III
25³ Harry PotterSpells & Death Eaters!
Minecraft 1.8.01 Player25³ Harry Potter
MystfordSolve Quests & Save the World!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersMystford
Underground ChambersFind & Stop Quirrell!
Minecraft 1.12.21 PlayerUnderground Chambers
QuidditchCatch the Snitch!
Minecraft 1.11.21 PlayerQuidditch
Zombie Warriors IILead an Army of Zombies!
Minecraft 1.10.21+ PlayersZombie Warriors II
Custom Boss Collection IIMore than 150 bossfights!
Minecraft 1.11.21+ PlayersCustom Boss Collection II
GlimfordSolve Quests & Get Hints & Win!
Minecraft 1.11.21+ PlayersGlimford
20³ Buttons IVIt's in your head!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ Players20³ Buttons IV
Creeper SpleefPlay Spleef against Creepers!
Minecraft 1.8.91 PlayerCreeper Spleef
Blaze SpleefPlay Spleef with Blazes!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerBlaze Spleef
WarthfordSolve & Complete Quests in Limited Time!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ PlayersWarthford
25³ Buttons IIBuilt in 25x25x25!
Minecraft 1.12.21+ Players25³ Buttons II
Zombie WarriorsLead an Army!
Minecraft 1.8.91+ PlayersZombie Warriors
McTsts' SkyblockExpanding Skyblock!
Minecraft 1.8.91 PlayerMcTsts' Skyblock
25³ Boss CollectionBosses in 25x25x25!
Minecraft 1.8.91 Player25³ Boss Collection
McTsts' Tower DefenseBeat Enemies with Towers!
Minecraft 1.8.91 PlayerMcTsts' Tower Defense
R3dstonecrafter BossfightI don't like R3dstoneCrafter! Fight him!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerR3dstonecrafter Bossfight
25³ ButtonsPuzzles in 25³!
Minecraft 1.13.11+ Players25³ Buttons
25³ ThunderstormTiny Adventure!
Minecraft 1.8.01 Player25³ Thunderstorm
Zombie SpleefSpleef against a Zombie!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerZombie Spleef
Zombie TagTag with Zombie Bots!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerZombie Tag
Ghast BallDeflect Fireballs & Defeat the Ghast!
Minecraft 1.8.91 PlayerGhast Ball
Unknown FutureStranded on a Planet!
Minecraft 1.8.91 PlayerUnknown Future
Rainbow PvPRainbow PvP
Minecraft 1.8.02+ PlayersRainbow PvP
The Mysterious WellComplete the Monument!
Minecraft 1.8.01+ PlayersThe Mysterious Well
Jump 'n' NetherHellishly Difficult Parkour Map!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerJump 'n' Nether
Minecraft WarriorsLead an Army of Zombies!
Minecraft 1.8.01 PlayerMinecraft Warriors
Custom Boss Collection85+ Bosses in 1 Map!
Minecraft 1.8.91+ PlayersCustom Boss Collection
The GraveyardSurvive the Night!
Minecraft 1.8.01+ PlayersThe Graveyard