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Vertex Creations

New!Escape: Christmas
Escape: Christmas

Map Archive: Escape - Christmas

Looking through our map archive we discovered a few unpublished Escape maps. Here's one of them!

Trapped in a Christmas-themed house, your goal is to escape. After all, Christmas is over.

This map requires exactly two players and is based on cooperation!

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Simple Hockey
Simple Hockey

New Map: Simple Hockey

Simple Hockey has been released!

Simple Hockey is our take on ice hockey, in Minecraft!

Played with two teams. Get some friends and face off in this popular sport!

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Realms: Windmill

Windmills is now available on Realms!

Windmill is a board game map based on a real board game.

It is played with two players, in three phases! Can you beat your friends?

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Map Archive: Dreadnought & Lines

An old map created by Team CCR, Lines, is now available for download. In addition to that, Dreadnought is now available as well.

Make sure to check them out!

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Vertex Tournament

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Vertex Creations, we're announcing a Minecraft Minigame Tournament! Compete with other teams in minigames made by Vertex Creations to win a special discord role, recognition/rewards in the map that everyone can see, and more!

The tournament will take place on March 2nd, at 20:00 UTC (3:00 PM EST)

The games that will be played are: Capture Kings, Sky Control, Heart Rush

You can organize a team yourself or be put on a random one!

More Information | Signup


Realms!Capture Kings
Capture Kings

Updated Map: Capture Kings

Capture Kings has gotten an exciting update which adds new features, impressive new skills and balances the current ones.

Make sure to check it out!

Play it here!


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